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The speakers we chose are renowned, experienced photographers and artists in their specific field. We did our best to make a wide choice from all the different fields of VR and Panoramic Photography. Here we introduce them to you.

Keith Martin
panorama photographer .com

Keith Martin is a Senior Lecturer at the London College of Communication, part of the University of the Arts London. He teaches publishing, editorial and design for print and digital media in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Outside of this role Keith is the Technical Editor of MacUser magazine, and he is on the board of the World Wide Panorama project. He has also written and contributed to a wide range of articles and to numerous books on the subjects of design and production for print and digital media, including The Digital Designer's Bible, Creative Suite 3 Integration, and 1000 Fonts. Keith has been designing and developing content, structure and interaction logic for digital media since 1989.

At VR Photography Live @Photokina 2010 Keith will be teaching in the tutorial sessions and moderating the panel discussion on "Handheld devices and the future of interactive panoramic display"

Matthias Taugwalder /

Zurich, Switzerland
Concept360 offers different services in the field of panoramic photography, with a special focus on high-alpine and high-resolution panoramic photography. Recently Matthias has been shooting panoramas for the Swiss newspaper BLICK, one of Switzerland's biggest newspapers that belongs to the Ringier media group.

Panoramas in news/media become more popular. BLICK/Ringier uses them in an unique cross-media approach: The panoramas are shown in their print edition, as well as online on their website and within the BLICK mobile app for the iPhone. Matthias will give in a first part an overview of the usage of panoramas in news media, and then in a second part tell some insight information about his work.

Johan Visschedijk

“We are the photographers puppet; a extension of their hands.”
This is the way Johan Visschedijk describes 809CGI, the company he established on March 2007. He now works together with Pashá Kulijew in Germany. 809CGI creates computer generated images (CGI) using HDRI-camera and software products by Spheron VR company and others.

With his background as a photographer, Johan understands better than anyone that photographers are wary about using new, still relatively unknown techniques like CGI.

Together with Pashá Kulijew he will show some stunning examples of their work and the results combing wire frame models with HDR background and 360 degrees panoramas.

Holger Schulze

Holger Schulze is the photographer who made the largest digital panorama, of the centre of Dresden Germany,
with a resolution of 297.500 x 87.500 pixel that is a size of 26 Gigapixel. (stand December 2009)
Holger will tell us about the technical background and the production of this enormous picture, but also about the economics and how to make a profit with this kind of photography.

Dr. Clauss

DR. Clauss is a producer of specialized equipment for panoramic photography and VR applications. He has produced the world's first laserphotogrammetric measurement system that takes an accurate measurement from a central position with complete photographic documentation in a panoramic format. The system produces a textured 3D-model exported as a CAD-file, a vector model instead of a point cloud. Or to say it in other words, a high resolution panorama (800mB) and a photogrammetric model in one go, to create a photo realistic, image mapped 3D model. Dr Claus chose the conference day of IVRPA as the place to introduce and show this new equipment to the world!

Markus Krüger

"Squaring the head" the building of a 125 m2 panoramic cube.
The story behind the making of the possibly largest cubical panorama print.
Markus is showing one of his special panorama projects. It's the story of a crazy idea that made it's way into the real world. He captured a panorama inside the head of a famous German historic monument. A place that is almost too narrow to rotate a panorama head. He built a panorama cube of 5 meter height with the pictures he took, mounted on the walls. It's also a story about selling panoramic photography with new and different ideas.
Markus began taking panoramas in the middle of the nineties, making his first steps scanning images and fighting with mpw shell command lines. Most of his time he is working on internet projects for various clients, with photography included, whenever possible.